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Maine Center for Dental Medicine: Your dentist and guide to improved health in Maine

dentist and guide to improved health in Maine

The Maine Center for Dental Medicine offers the general, preventive, cosmetic, and restorative procedures you have come to expect from modern dental offices, and more.

Your gateway to health

With more than 70 years of combined clinical experience, Dr. Imam and Dr. Khan have defined their partnerships with patients to achieve whole-body wellness.

As holistic or biological practitioners, they are knowledgeable in the latest dental techniques and materials to minimize ill effects to both oral health and systemic wellness. You will not find “silver” amalgam fillings that contain mercury at the Maine Center for Dental Medicine. The alternative to titanium implants is biocompatible zirconia. This ceramic preserves the health of delicate tissues, doesn’t corrode, and keeps bacteria from flourishing around the implant (which increases the likelihood of implant failures).

Multi-disciplinary approaches

While they are restoring the functionality and attractiveness of your smile, the dentists partner with other on-staff experts. For example, nutritionist, Cathy, has specialized training in helping patients develop healthy habits to avoid the need for dental work, and also to maintain the results of restorative procedures.

The dentists have completed advanced training in disorders of the temporomandibular joint connecting the skull to the jaw, orofacial pain, orthodontics, and dental sleep medicine. Life-changing solutions are available for lingering and debilitating pain, and other symptoms that affect how you speak, sleep, or concentrate.

Other features of the Maine Center for Dental Medicine, that can’t be found at every dentist’s office in Maine include:

  • Conservative, non-traumatic techniques such as partial crowns or onlays and inlays.
  • Safe, IAOMT-compliant removal of fillings containing mercury.
  • CEREC “tooth in a day”, utilizing CAD/CAM technology.
  • Fluoride alternatives, such as ozone therapy.

This offers a glimpse into the practice. To experience the entire picture for whole-body health, schedule an appointment today. Call (207) 474-9503.


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