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World’s First BPA-free restorative/filling material – Admira Fusion by VOCO

World’s First BPA-free restorative/filling material

What is Admira Fusion by VOCO?

Admira Fusion by VOCO is a great all-ceramic based material used to restore the natural teeth. It is fabricated with material that does not incorporate classic resin monomers, which contain BPA, and eliminates the risks associated with silver amalgam fillings. Drs. Imam and Khan, and their team at the Maine Center for Dental Medicine will often suggest restoring the smile with this material.

This treatment is done in the dental office in one appointment. The material is handled in the same way as a composite resin material, but with an all-ceramic base. It is used in conjunction with other holistic and biocompatible treatments. Our practice also provides CEREC restorations and zirconia (metal-free) dental implants.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of using ceramic-based restorations, now is a great time to call our practice and ask about Admira Fusion by VOCO. Our front office team can be reached by calling to make an appointment at our mercury safe, biological dental facility. Drs. Imam and Khan welcome new patients into the practice to learn about the advantages of working with a holistic group of professionals who take into consideration the body as a whole – not just the smile!

Dr. Imam and Khan of Maine Center for Dental Medicine are excited to offer a BPA-free composite material known as Admira Fusion by VOCO for fillings.


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