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Biologic dentistry for caries in Skowhegan – nutrition plays a vital role

We are all well-aware of the fact that sugar and processed food are prime contributors to dental cavities. But, sometimes, deficiency of important vitamins and nutrients in our diet can also lead to tooth decay. Vitamin D and Calcium are two nutrients responsible for healthy teeth and strong bones.

Dr. Imam and Dr. Khan provide mercury safe, biological dentistry, and will also offer nutritional guidance

Dr. Mohammed Imam and Dr. Shafiulla Khan at Maine Center for Dental Medicine provide mercury-free fillings for dental cavities. As part of biologic dentistry for cavities treatment in Skowhegan, ME, Dr. Imam and Dr. Khan, will also guide their patients about maintaining good nutrition as a preventative measure for sustainable oral health.

Role of Phytates and Phytic Acid

Most people do not know that phytic acid can neutralize essential vitamins and other nutrients in the digestive process. Phytates and phytic acid serve as storage mechanisms of phosphorus in plants. When consumed by humans, these phytates and phytic acid bind with other nutrients to neutralize them.

But where do they come from in humans? Nuts, grains, legumes, seeds, and in some quantities, vegetables are the source of phytates. Nonetheless, these foods are essential sources of important nutrients themselves.

You should understand that an overabundance of phytic acid or phytates in your diet may cause weaker teeth and create more cavities when not balanced with specific nutrients in the right proportion. Our diets are generally packed with foods containing phytates. It is no wonder people are complaining about more dental problems with an average diet that contains copious amounts of grains, processed sugars, and vegetable oil

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How You Can Naturally Avoid Cavities

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  1. Reduce Sugar Intake

Sugar is probably the worst culprit for those who desire healthy, cavity-free teeth. Start breaking that sugar addiction. Sugar not only feeds oral bacteria, which prevents a healthy, smooth flow of dental fluids, but it is also highly acidic, which can de-mineralize or de-calcify the structural content of your teeth, leading to dental decay.

You should stay away from candy, soda, and baked goods containing sugar. Also, you should drink juices sparingly as an excess intake of sugar can contribute to the formation of a cavity. Use maple syrup and raw honey, im limited amount, in place of sugar. Be careful of consuming too many artificial sweeteners for their associated health risks. Stevia is an excellent plant-based sweetener, and has zero calories.

  1. Eliminate Phytic Acid

Phylate or phytic acid is an enzyme inhibitor and a mineral blocker found in nuts, seeds, grains, and beans which can cause serious health issues in our diets. A primary reason why phytic acid has turned into a major issue today is that we no longer practice ancient techniques for preparing food such as sourdough fermentation or sprouting which kills the phytic acid naturally.

A diet having a high amount of phytic acid causes osteoporosis and creates mineral deficiencies. 80 percent of phosphorus in beans and grains is completely unabsorbable and bound to phytic acid.

Phytic acid is normally higher in foods grown with modern high-phosphate fertilizers as compared to those grown using natural compost. Try to consume GMO-free organic foods.

You can tremendously improve your health and naturally prevent cavities by consuming soaked and sprouted grains or nuts or doing sourdough fermentation. These practices reduce phytic acid by 50 to 100 percent.

  1. Consume Nutrient-Rich and Raw Dairy Foods

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Raw dairy foods are filled with the minerals and vitamins that maintain an optimum flow of healthy dental fluid, keep teeth strong, and promote oral wellness. Consuming raw dairy foods is a great method to get cavity-free teeth.

Raw dairy products are loaded with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin K2, vitamin D3, and fat-soluble vitamins. You should consume raw dairy products on a weekly basis. Goat milk kefir, organic grass-fed butter, and raw cheeses are great options to start with.

You can beat tooth decay by increasing the intake of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals. An ideal diet to follow will look like this:

  • Rich in animal foods such as bone broth, fish, eggs, and meat.
  • Cooked and raw vegetables, primarily green leafy vegetables.
  • One piece of fruit daily early in the morning.
  • Raw dairy products like kefir, grass-fed butter, and cheese.
  • Vitamin D, which you can get from plenty of sunshine, and supplements like 5,000IU daily of D3.
  • Sprouted nuts, beans, and seeds.
  • Fermented grains in moderation, like true sourdough bread. You can also consider buying raw bread and flours.
  • Foods rich in healthy fats such as coconut oil, olives, avocado, fish, and fermented cod liver oil.

Finally, say “No” to processed foods, fast food, and packaged foods.


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