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Implants from professionals at dental clinic in Skowhegan, ME permanently restore lost teeth

Professional dental implants from Maine Center for Dental Medicine in Skowhegan, ME permanently restore smiles.

If you are looking for the best long-term results for replacing lost teeth, dental implants from a professional in Skowhegan, ME clinic are the answer. Many individuals are all too familiar with the embarrassment caused by gaps in the smile, or are tired of dealing with the constant slipping and movement with dentures. Dental implants are an easy, affordable, and permanent solution to restore the smile. At Maine Center for Dental Medicine, our team of professionals has the experience and training necessary to place beautiful dental implants that look and function like natural teeth.

The gold standard in tooth replacement

Implants are unlike any other restoration for missing teeth because they provide unparalleled strength and stability. Implants can be used to restore a single missing tooth, or they can serve as the anchor for dentures or bridges.

What makes-up a dental implant restoration?

Dental implants consist of the following components:

  • The implant: The implant is surgically placed into the jaw where it will become part of the natural structure of the mouth over time.
  • The abutment: This piece is placed on top of the part of the implant that sticks up from the bone and is the connector for the final restoration.
  • The crown – The crown sits on top of the abutment to naturally restore aesthetics and functionality.
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The dental implant procedure

Advancements in technology have made dental implants a much simpler procedure than it was years ago. The first step is determining if you are a candidate for dental implants. Because dental implants require sufficient bone structure to function properly and last long term, patients who have experienced bone loss may need grafts prior to receiving dental implants. Additionally, any signs of disease will need to be addressed before the implant procedure.

Step One – The first step is to surgically place the implant into the jawbone where it will act as the foundation for the restoration.

Step Two – The implant is left to heal and fuse with the jawbone, a process known as osseointegration.

Step Three – The implant is completed with a new porcelain crown to fully restore the function and beauty of the smile.

Benefits of Dental Implants

At Maine Center for Dental Medicine, team of professionals has the experience and training necessary to place beautiful dental implants that look and function like natural teeth.

Our patients at Maine Center for Dental Medicine have been very happy with the results from dental implants. Some of our patients’ favorite benefits include:

  • Improved appearance – Dental implants are the only restorations that will look and work like natural teeth.
  • Improved confidence – No more worrying about the embarrassment of missing teeth or dentures that slip out of place. Patients with dental implants can talk and smile with confidence.
  • Improved oral health – Because dental implants stimulate the jawbone they prevent bone and tissue degeneration.
  • Long lasting – Dental implants can last for the rest of your life. They do not decay and are considered the only permanent solution for missing teeth.

Other types of dental implants

In this article we’ve discussed single dental implants, which are used when a patient only needs a single tooth replaced. Single dental implants are completed with a crown and they make sure that neighboring teeth do not shift out of place.

Beyond single implants, there are also implant options for patients that are missing multiple teeth.

Implant-supported bridges

Patients who need to replace several adjacent teeth can benefit from an implant-supported bridge. Instead of using several single implants in a small area, the bridge attaches to implants and is one solid piece.

Implant-supported dentures

Dental implants can give you back the functionality and beauty of your smile and increase your confidence and self-esteem

Implant-supported dentures help patients who are missing an entire arch of teeth. Rather than using dental adhesive, the dentures attach to the strategically placed implants for a secure fit that will not slip out of place.

The cost of dental implants

Dental implant costs vary based upon the number of implants being used. While the initial cost may be higher than other solutions, over time dental implants can be the more cost-effective solution.

If you are ready to love your smile, it’s time to look at dental implant restoration. Dental implants can give you back the functionality and beauty of your smile and increase your confidence and self-esteem. If you are in the Skowhegan, ME area, call our team today at (207) 808-7355 to schedule a consultation.


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The team at this dental office is superb. My amalgams were removed with great ease and all precautions for mercury removal were taken. They are such a caring bunch of professionals. I will definitely continue taking the 5 hour drive to this office and continue being a patient at this dental office.
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I was welcomed and made very comfortable The Dr. is wonderful and the assistants are pleasant I was informed of everything pertaining to my health and my teeth I felt very comfortable and trusting in this professional excellent Dental Office.

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