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Regular dental cleanings and other examples of the importance of having a family dentist in Maine

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A family dentist plays a key role in protecting and maintaining your family’s health. Oral health goes hand in hand with overall wellness, so it’s important to choose a provider who is experienced, trustworthy, and will answer your questions openly and honestly. Regular dental cleanings are an important service provided by family dentists and can help ensure that everyone’s teeth and gums are healthy, and any potential problems are caught early. At the Maine Center for Dental Medicine, our team is committed to providing excellent services to take care of the unique needs of each member of your family. The following benefits highlight the importance of having a family dentist.

Family dentists save you time

Every member of your family has different interests and hobbies and keeping track of a busy schedule can be a very overwhelming task. With multiple family members needing twice yearly cleanings, the number of dental appointments you need to make can add up quickly! A family dentist allows you to schedule multiple family members in a single day. This makes dental care more efficient because it eliminates the need to make multiple appointments with separate providers and take off work extra days.

Family dentists give you peace of mind

pediatric dentist for Family, Maine Center for Dental MedicineWhen you have a pediatric dentist for your children, a general dentist for the adults, and potentially an orthodontist for teens, you have to manage relationships with multiple providers who may all have different levels of service. With a family dental practice that you trust, you know that every member of your family is in good hands. Having a family dentist can also improve efficiency and communication by centralizing all your family’s records. Lastly, a long-term relationship with one family practice can help you when it comes to making decisions about your dental health.

Family dentists reduce stress in emergencies

When the same dental practice sees every member of your family, you only have one number to call in case of a dental emergency. Knowing exactly who you need to get in contact with, and what to expect in an emergency, can greatly reduce stress in an otherwise tense situation.

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Family dentists provide a wide range of services

Family dentists can provide services that are tailored to patients’ needs, typically based on their age. The following are examples of dental services by age group:

  1. Younger Children. Some of the first goals with the youngest members of the family are to establish good dental habits and help children become comfortable at the dentist’s office. Standard services include regular exams, cleanings, x-rays, and instructions on proper oral hygiene at home. Of course, restorative services can also be performed if there are issues with decay or disease.
  2. Older Children and Teenagers. In addition to the preventative services that younger children receive, we may also begin to look at dental sealants for older children and teens. This is also an appropriate time for orthodontic evaluation and treatment to give them a straight, beautiful smile.
  3. Adults. Adult dental care can include preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental services. Patients may need bridges or implants to help with tooth loss. Teeth whitening, veneers, and Invisalign are among the most popular cosmetic services.

How to choose a family dental practice

Family Dentist, Maine Center for Dental MedicineThere are many factors that should be considered when it comes to choosing a family dental practice. First, you need to decide on location. Is it more convenient to have the dentist closer to your work, home, or school? Other factors to consider are insurance requirements, the size of the office and staff, and the amenities.

At the Maine Center for Dental Medicine, we have an experienced team that includes two dentists, multiple registered dental hygienists, a nutritional counselor, several dental assistants, and a wonderful administrative staff. We provide a wide range of comprehensive dental services, including: holistic dentistry, periodontal care, Invisalign, dental implants, sleep apnea treatment, oral surgery, ozone dentistry, and laser dentistry. Our entire team is committed to improving the health and wellness of each member of your family. If you are in the Skowhegan, Maine area, we invite you to call our office at 207-808-7355 and learn more about our services.


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I have been with this practice for a number of years now and I appreciate their approach to dental medicine. Dr. Kahn explains any recommendations thoroughly so I can make clear decisions about my dental health. Mary Lynne is an award winning hygienist and the best in the business. I look forward to my visits with her! Overall, everyone that I come into contact there is professional and friendly and you are always greeted with a smile! Thank you!
Reviewed by Corrie M

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I truly feel that my dental health is in the most knowledgeable and holistically oriented hands possible. Always a pleasure to visit this office, which you can’t say about many dentists!!
Reviewed by Marlene A

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The team at this dental office is superb. My amalgams were removed with great ease and all precautions for mercury removal were taken. They are such a caring bunch of professionals. I will definitely continue taking the 5 hour drive to this office and continue being a patient at this dental office.
Reviewed by Kenneth D

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I was welcomed and made very comfortable The Dr. is wonderful and the assistants are pleasant I was informed of everything pertaining to my health and my teeth I felt very comfortable and trusting in this professional excellent Dental Office.

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