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Functional Orthodontics/Invisalign

The appearance of your smile affects your sense of wellbeing and wellness. When teeth are crooked, overlapping, spaced too far apart, protruding, or otherwise misaligned, it is difficult to feel confident in the way you look. Functionally speaking, misaligned teeth are not as efficient in chewing. When opposing teeth do not fit together properly, the jaw must adapt, causing undue stress on muscles and jaw joints. An immediate concern of misalignment is that teeth are more difficult to keep clean and healthy.

When you visit Maine Center for Dental Medicine, you receive care that meets your needs for functionality, comfort and aesthetic appeal. We are pleased to offer options including Invisalign, conventional orthodontics, and functional orthodontics.


Many people are familiar with this innovative method of correcting malocclusion. Invisalign has been used worldwide for several years. This system continues to evolve to meet the needs of teen and adult patients with mild to moderate malocclusion. Appealing for its convenience and comfort, Invisalign is an efficient method of repositioning teeth without traditional braces. Wearing a series of clear plastic custom-fit trays, patients can move toward a healthier, more attractive smile in the most discreet manner. Because aligners can be removed by the patient , there are fewer dietary restrictions during treatment, or obstacles to impede excellent hygiene. We are happy to assess your needs to see if Invisalign is right for you.

Functional orthodontics

This method of correcting malocclusion goes beyond straightening teeth. Functional orthodontic treatment is an excellent option for individuals with malocclusion, or a bad bite. This level of care identifies and addresses issues in the upper and lower jaw, creating structural integrity through which chewing, comfort, speech, and appearance are improved.

Functional orthodontics may be used to achieve harmonious positioning between the upper and lower jaws. This can reduce an overbite, create more space in a narrow mouth, improve the appearance of a recessed chin, and enhance facial profile. This complex method of restructuring jaw positioning is not only beneficial for appearance, but also eliminates certain obstacles to optimal health. For instance, individuals with a narrow mouth may have insufficient air flow. Expanding the jaw often improves oxygen exchange, which supports general health.

Orthodontic treatment designed around your unique oral structure can lead to enhanced confidence and numerous other benefits. Contact our office to learn more about your treatment options.